#TweetLikeJadenSmith becomes Internet’s newest meme

By Rachel Karach,

Jaden Smith has become the subject of a hilarious new meme this month as fans take to Twitter to parody his philosophical muses in 140 characters or less.

Jaden Smith, 16, has always been in the spotlight thanks to his megastar parents, though he has accomplished fame on Twitter all by himself. The young actor is now well known in the Twitterverse for his odd pseudo-philosophical tweets, commenting on life, truth and the universe.

His remarks have been a hit on social media for a while now, but interest has reached a new height since the star’s recent birthday. According to Yahoo Celebrity, his tweets have become so iconic that users have begun imitating them with the hashtag ‘#TweetLikeJadenSmith.’

Here is one of Jaden’s most recent tweets:

Image via Twitter from Jaden Smith

Fans began to imitate Smith’s thought-provoking style, leading to some absurd results. The meme includes the users' tweet along with the same photo of Jaden looking off into the distance in a black hoodie.

Despite their young age, Jaden and Kylie Jenner have also recently sparked engagement rumors.

What do you think of the newest Twitter craze? Will you #TweetLikeJadenSmith?

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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