Twenty-two killed in gunfight near Mexico City

By Michelle Kapusta,

Twenty-two suspected gang members have been killed in a shootout near Mexico City.

According to Reuters, a gunfight with Mexican soldiers and those believed to be gang members broke out early Monday in the town of Tlatlaya.

Local media outlets have reported that the shooting started after security soldiers came under fire from the suspected gang members, resulting in the gunfight which lasted several minutes.

In all, one woman and 21 men were killed and one soldier was wounded by the gunfire.

Sunday World noted that authorities said the security soldiers confiscated a number of vehicles from a warehouse, which was thought to have been used as a synthetic drug lab. A number of firearms and ammunition were also seized.

In addition, the soldiers rescued three alleged kidnapping victims.

Tlatlaya is a small, rural town located south of Mexico City. It is bounded in the north by the municipality of Amatepec and by the state of Guerrero in the south. The town’s name means when the hearth is black and red.



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