Two new screenwriters hired for 'Ant-Man'

By Will Ashton,

With each passing day, it seems like Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish's original vision of Ant-Man is fading farther and farther away. After Wright left the film as its director and Peyton Reed stepped into his place, the question remained as to how much of their screenplay would be put into the final film.

Hiring Adam McKay to rewrite the screenplay was not encouraging to Wright's fans, and new news that two new screenwriters have been hired do not make things sound any better.

Latino Review reveals that Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer have just been hired to retool the screenplay. If those two names don't sound familiar, there is probably a good reason for that, as they have yet to have a screenplay produced into a feature film.

Although, the duo has written two screenplays, Die in a Gunfight, which landed on the Black List a couple years ago, and a new version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which supposedly is what got them the job in the first place. Latino Review were quick to note that they were hired as production writers, meaning that they will be hanging out on the Atlanta set doing production revisions for the next couple months. It hasn't even been determined at the moment whether or not they will be receiving a screenwriting credit for the movie.

Hiring production writers is not an uncommon practice for Hollywood, so it shouldn't be too worrisome at the moment that they are involved. But it does show that Marvel is not looking to make the film that Wright was set to make, even though his vision is what got the production moving in the first place.

With the one-month anniversary of Reed taking over directing duties today, it looks as though things are starting to move back along for the production of the upcoming superhero movie. With that, Ant-Man will be hitting theaters on July 17, 2015, just nearly a year from today.

Image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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