Two planes nearly crash into other at Barcelona airport

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

On Saturday, two planes nearly collided with each other on the ground at an airport in Barcelona.

The planes almost collided on the runaway. An Airbus 340 crossed the runway at El Prat Airport at the same time that a flight from Moscow started to land. Before there could be a collision, the pilot of the Boeing 767 from Russia aborted the landing.

The plane landed safely on the runway after a “go around procedure.” Officials said that the passengers were not in danger, according to the BBC.

Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) is the public body responsible for airports in Spain. AENA released a formal statement explaining that there was never any real danger of a collision despite how close the two planes were.

Officials are not certain what created the error, but there are several theories at this point.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Captain John Holmes, flight training manager at Ansett Aviation Training said, “The instructions to the A340 possibly were misunderstood by the captain, or they might not have heard or acknowledged the instructions, or there may have been no instruction issued from the control tower.”



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