Two-year-old goes missing at family barbeque, found dead in NYC lake

By Rachel Karach,

Two-year-old Ruhshona Kurbonova was found dead in a lake yesterday evening after wandering away from a family barbecue at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

The toddler was found in Prospect Lake at a park after police conducted a search for five hours, according to ABC News. New York Police Department divers reportedly collected Kurbonova from the lake in the early evening. Family members noticed that the toddler and another three-year-old were missing from the gathering around 1 p.m. and called the police.

According to Detective Michael DeBonis of the New York Police Department, Kurbonova was found near the boathouse at the New York City lake, where she had drowned. The New York Times reports that she was pronounced dead at the scene while the young boy was found wet but unharmed.

ABC News reports that family member Dekzod Isokov said that the children "walked off and we didn't know." While no one at the incident has been available for comment, the Kurbonovas’ Brooklyn apartment superintendent, Zada Bacaj, described the family as “hard-working and watchful.” The toddler’s parents had reportedly come to New York from Uzbekistan.



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