‘Tyrant’ Recap: ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

By Aubrie Reichardt,

This is only the third episode of FX’s new show, Tyrant, and already the show is getting intense. Between family drama and serving a broken country, Barry has his hands full. This episode sets up a lot of misfortune to come in the next coming episodes. The biggest question every episode ended on is whether or not Barry and family will ever make it back to America. However, can they even make it back alive?

The episode opens with the capture of a man named Mohammed, who may be behind the threat on Jamal’s life. This is a heated topic during Jamal’s first meeting as president. During the meeting, Jamal makes Barry his special consular to the president. Barry tries to refuse the title since he doesn’t plan on staying but Jamal insists. His wife may not want it, but Jamal wants Barry around because it’s their home. Yussef wants to end the blocking in the streets but Jamal doesn’t want to till he finds Walid Rashid’s nephew, the one they think is responsible. He says to have Walid lead them to his nephew, otherwise, they will both be hanged.

This is where Mohammed comes in. He breaks down saying his wife loves Jamal and was forced to try and kill him by Ihab Rashid, Walid’s nephew. The syringe had poison provided by Ihab. Mohammed is excused and General Tariqu wants to take action to find Ihab. Their plan is to have Walid lead them to Ihab.

Jamal is happy he handled his first meeting as president so well. He tells his son how to handle his new wife. Jamal brings out the doctor in Barry and tells his brother that he is losing who he really is: an Al Fayeed.
Fauzi, Barry’s childhood frined, is having daughter issues. He has no idea she is Ihab and is helping him with his terroristic threats. She goes to visit Ihab and informs that the Al Fayeeds will come after him and arrest him. He says that he had nothing to do with the threat on Jamal’s life. Meanwhile, Yussef has Walid in a car outside of Ihab’s hideout. Walid is forced to watch the military capture his son along with the other terrorists and Fauzi’s daughter.

The next meeting Tariqu says how they have successfully captured Ihab and that he, along with the others, will be hung in public. Barry is shocked. He tells Jamal his feelings towards the idea but their Uncle Tariqu says it’s effective. Hangings bring fear.

Fauzi contacts Barry saying that they have the wrong guy and Ihab is innocent. Fauzi has the name of the person who is responsible but will only help Barry if Barry can free Fauzi’s daughter. Barry is able to do so but wants her to come up with a cover story. She responds with spiting in Barry’s face. Once Barry meets up with Fauzi, Barry receives all the documents leading to the real criminal: Mohammed.

It’s late at night and while Barry is tired he sits down with Mohammed trying to make him break. When Barry brings up Mohammed’s children the truth comes out. Mohammed was sick of seeing his wife hurt by her and Jamal’s affair and the two teamed up to try and kill him. Otherwise, Mohammed’s wife would have committed suicide. Even though he got a confession, Barry learns about the dark side his brother has. Barry promises that Mohammed’s children will be safe no matter what happens.

Barry goes back to his wife and pleads for her to stay. She says she will with the kids.

Barry confronts Jamal and throws him against a wall. When Leila, Jamal’s wife, gets involved Barry tries to make Jamal tell her about his affair. Jamal then asks Barry if they can talk. Jamal finally has his wife back and doesn’t want to ruin it so for help he turns to Barry. They both come to the conclusion that no matter what happens to Mohammed, the kids stay safe and Ihab is let go.

The episode ends on an emotional note. Mohammed is lead to his death with a picture of his kids in his hands. The kids are given ice cream and shown to be happy. Meanwhile, their father is hung in public. He kicks till his life leaves his body.

With a group of terrorists free, more trouble is a part to brew but are the Al Fayeeds ready? The bond between the brothers will soon be tested even further.

Image from:Jennifer Graylock/INFphoto.com



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