‘Tyrant’ recap: ‘Sins of the Father’

By Aubrie Reichardt,

Things start to heat up in last night’s episode of Tyrant. ”Sins of the Father” is filled with tension and leaves the audience on a dramatic cliffhanger. Barry tries to help his brother and wants what’s best for the country but plans back fire. Will Jamal make the right choices for his country or will he end up following his father’s footsteps? This episode goes back and forth between two characters: Barry and his son, Sammy.

Ihab’s protester

On the streets, workers are putting up a board on the square with Jamal’s face. A man, who has a wife and kids to feed, comes over with a flag and gasoline. He pours the gas on the flag and wraps it around himself. He screams “never forget” while lighting himself on fire. The men working on the board ignore him so they don’t get in trouble. The protester falls over dead.
Ihab Rashid asked this man to protest. The protester’s wife is upset with Ihab and blames him for her husband’s death. Ihab informs her that her husband’s act is the first act of defiance.

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Barry is out for a morning run when he begins to get flashbacks. He is back in American college and is getting stare downs from other students. As he enters his dorm room, he finds his room has been vandalized with spray paint and newspaper clippings about what his country has done. Tears for Fears’ “Everybody wants to Rule the World” is playing in the background as Barry starts to rip the clippings from his walls. Later, when Barry is talking to his wife, he says that today is the 20th anniversary of a gas attack his father ordered on people.

During a meeting, the government discus the protester and the rally that is now taking place in the square. Jamal has a recording of Ihab talking to the protester’s wife. Jamal is furious that he released Ihab from jail but Barry reminds him that Ihab was in jail for a crime he never committed. Tairq and Barry disagree when it comes to handling the rally problem. Tairq wants to use force, while Barry believes that Jamal should talk to the people. They are peaceful protesters and should not be harmed. Barry wants Jamal to tell the people that they regret the attack their father approved but Tairq takes pride in this attack. Jamal ends up listening to his brother leaving Tairq very upset.

When Barry, Jamal and Jamal’s wife head for the square, they discover they are unwelcome. Their car is jumped by the protesters who were just rallied up by Ihab. The Al Fayeeds leave without talking to the protesters. With the talking plan a fail, Jamal turns to Tairq. Their next plan is to attack the square.
Barry wants to warn his friend Fauzi who is the square with his daughter. The two meet at a local café and have a small argument. In the end, Fauzi wants to stay with his daughter and wants Barry to talk to the people. Fauzi says the people are tired of being told what to do. To stop the protest, Barry needs to walk in the square like any other person, not in a government car.


The last episode showed Sammy finally having some time with Abdul. The two share a romantic moment; however, since then the two haven’t talked. Ahmed, Sammy’s cousin and Jamal’s son, asks Sammy and Emma to a come to a club. Sammy doesn’t want to till he is told that Abdul will be there.

When they make it to the club, Ahmed starts to drink and Sammy finds Abdul. Abdul says that his moment with Sammy was a one-time thing and Sammy disagrees. Sammy makes his way to the dance floor with a lady friend of Ahmed. She flirts with Sammy while Abdul watches on. Ahmed commends Abdul to stop staring and to fetch him a drink.

Ahmed is talking to Sammy when Abdul comes back with the drink and drops it. The drink shatters and Ahmed freaks out on Abdul. Sammy tries to help but upsets Abdul in the process.

Sammy and Emma make it back to the palace when Sammy receives a text. He meets up with Abdul. Abdul apologizes and explains everything to Sammy. The reason why Abdul is around is for pleasure which is why Abdul made a move on Sammy. Abdul is sorry he hurt Sammy. At this point, whatever was happening between the two seems to be over.

The Ending

Barry sends Jamal a video of Gaddafi. Jamal is offended. Barry compares the two and says Jamal needs to make a choice. Either they end what is happening on the square peacefully or kill many of their own people. Barry has a meeting set up with Ihab and just needs Jamal to come talk to him. Jamal needs to choose between becoming his father or becoming a leader people will follow. The episode ends before Jamal answers.

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