‘Tyrant’ Recap: 'State of Emergency'

By Aubrie Reichardt,

The series premier of Tyrant ended on a cliffhanger. With his father dead and brother in critical condition, Barry Al Fayeed is now stuck in his home country. Now he has two choices: To embrace who he is or keep running.

Yussef, a palace worker, tells Barry and family that Jamal’s life was threatened. Back at the hospital, Leila, Jamal’s wife, learns that it was a girl that almost killed Jamal. Leila demands that she is found and General Tairq, Jamal’s Uncle, blocks the streets.

On the streets, Fauzi Nadal’s daughter is sneaking terrorists past the military block. Fauzi is a childhood friend of Barry’s and has no idea that his daughter is helping those that want to over through the Al Fayeeds. She helps the terrorists smuggle weapons and lies to her father about her whereabouts.

Barry‘s family’s only option is to stay at the palace. His wife, Molly, has plans that they only stay for Barry’s father’s funeral. She receives a phone call from Barry informing her that Jamal is going in for surgery but is planned to make a full recovery. Molly still wants to know why Barry hates his birth place so much and Barry lets her know what his father told him before he died. The past president shared his feelings about how he wanted Barry to be in Jamal’s place. Molly wants to know more but Barry hangs up.

Hamid, Jamal’s son, wants to wait for his father to wake after surgery and excuses his wife to leave. Hamid stays with his mom, Leila, who is greeted by Barry. Leila still holds a grudge against Barry for leaving the country for America. Barry has a flashback to his last time with Leila before he left for the states. The two kissed and she asked Barry to come back. He stayed away for 20 years.

Meanwhile, Hamid is on the phone with his wife, Nusrat, who is being escorted in car through the streets. While on the phone, her vehicle is hijacked by young terrorists. She is taken and held hostage in a nearby convenience store.

Back at the palace, Barry’s kids are alone playing some trap shouting when Abdul comes over. Sammy, Barry’s son, introduces his new friend to his sister, Emma. Emma doesn’t seem thrilled to meet him and leaves. Sammy asks Abdul to hangout since the family is only staying for the funeral. Abdul says he would have been disappointed if Sammy would have never asked.

At the hospital, Barry and Leila find out about Hamid’s wife’s kidnapping. General Tairq heads after the terrorists and so does Hamid, disobeying his mother’s order. Barry leaves for the palace asking Leila to call him after Jamal’s surgery.

John tucker, who works for the palace, tries to convince Barry to help Nusrat. Molly also tries but Barry refuses to get involved. Barry’s mother wants him to talk to Tairq before he does something that will put Nusrat’s life in danger. After being guilt tripped by his mother, Barry goes down to where the terrorists have Nusrat hostage.

The terrorists are troubled young boys and Nusrat tries to cox one of the them to her side. She tells him that love is waiting for him and she will help him as long as he lets her go. Barry soon makes his way into the shop after pleading with Tairq to let him go. The boys point their guns at Barry who they find out is Jamal’s brother. The one boy wants to take Barry as a hostage to trade for the boy’s brother who is in jail. Barry informs the boys that the people they work for will end up killing them and gives his word that they will be safe if they turn over Nusrat.

Barry saves Nusrat from the boys and tells Tairq to let the boys go. Barry is surprised to hear gunshots and turns around to see one of Tairq’s men put bullets in the three boys’ heads. Barry is devastated but Tairq says it’s for the best.

At the hospital, Barry visits Jamal after he is awake from his surgery. Jamal is thankful for what Barry did for Nusrat. Meanwhile, Leila talks to the nurse about Jamal being ready for his father’s funeral. Jamal is on his feet for the funeral but is not happy with the speech his wife has prepared. Barry tells Jamal to speak the truth. Jamal comes up with a moving speech about his father’s stubbornness and Barry’s love for family.

The episode ends with Barry lying in bed thinking of Jamal’s speech. He calls Jamal over the phone asking to stay for a few more days. Jamal is happy to allow his brother to stay. Barry understands that he can no longer run from his family because they will always catch up to him.

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