UN: India has the third-highest number of HIV-infected people

By Michelle Kapusta,

A United Nations report has revealed that India has the third-highest number of people living with the human immunodeficiency virus in the world.

According to The Hindu, the ‘Gap Report,’ which released its findings on Wednesday, was done by the United Nations program on HIV. It stated that 2.1 million Indians are infected with the virus.

The virus can cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, which is a progressive failure of the immune system. Infection occurs by the transfer of bodily fluids from an infected party.

The Wall Street Journal noted that although AIDS-related deaths have declined in recent years, the virus is more deadly in India than any other Asian country. An estimated 130,000 Indians died in 2013 from the disease.

Many people living with the virus do not know they have it and do not have access to antiretroviral treatment.

The report also stated that the sub—Saharan African region remains the most prevalent area in the world where people are infected with HIV/AIDS.



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