‘Uncharted’ movie has filming date but won’t follow game’s story exactly

By Aubrie Reichardt,

It feels like forever ago when Naughty Dog’s popular Indian Jones-esque video game series Uncharted, was set to become a feature film. After going through two directors, current director Seth Gordon is now sharing his vision for the video game movie.

While there is no actor yet to play treasure hunting lead Nathan Drake, Gordon has ideas of the kind of actor he wants for the character.

Uncharted has long seemed like a perfect fit for a theatrical adaptation due to the movie-like feel the game has anyway. While news of the film has long out there, Gordon finally revealed in an interview with Zap2it that filming is set to begin in early 2015. He plans to begin just ahead of when the fourth game in the franchise, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is releaed.

The movie script is well under way but there are no cast members yet. Mark Wahlberg was the last actor attached to play Drake but that door has since closed. Gordon is still looking for actors that can do Drake justice.

However, the next set of news could be considered bad to the video game’s fans. While Gordon didn’t give details about the story line of the movie, he did say that the story will not be exactly the same as the game’s.

"It's going to honor the mythology of the game, but I would say honor some of the most interesting stuff from the first one and build from there," the director said. "There's some stuff that isn't in the game."

The movie has been through a lot to get even this far. Directors, David o. Russell and Neil Burger were both signed up for the film at different times since it was announced back in 2009 according to Gamespot.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming video game movie and who do you want to play Drake? (Perhaps the oft-mentioned Nathan Fillion or Drake's voice actor Nolan North?) Gordon has mentioned one bit of criteria, someone with "an actual jaw."

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