Unfinished overpass collapses in World Cup host city Belo Horizonte, 2 killed

By Kyle Johnson,

At least two people were killed on Thursday when an unfinished overpass in a World Cup host city collapsed.

The front of a passenger pass traveling through the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte was crushed by the overpass, along with several other vehicles, officials said, Reuters reports.

Nineteen other people suffered injuries as a result of the collapse. At least one person remains trapped inside their vehicle, a fire department spokesman revealed.

"We were traveling normally and then there was a terrible noise," Renata Soares, who was on the bus when the collapse occurred, said on GloboNews TV. "I am sure that more people in other cars were underneath the debris."

According to the Bueno Aires Herald, the collapse is being investigated and the cause remains unknown, though the overpass was known to be still unfinished.

The stadium, which is only two miles away from the overpass, has hosted five World Cup matches and is set to be the location for next Tuesday's semi-final.



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