Vin Scully set to return for 66th season

By Ian Sacks,

Los Angeles Dodgers games would not be the same without Vin Scully in the announcers’ booth calling the game. Scully announced at the Dodgers’ game on Tuesday that he will be returning for a 66th year in the booth in 2015.

Scully has announced 25 World Series, 19 no-hitters and three perfect games.

“I am humbled for being given the honor of working the game all these years,” Scully said, reports ESPN.

“It's a long time to be working at one job with no advancement. I've stayed the same for 65 years. I'm really overwhelmed with the fact that I've been so fortunate. God has blessed me beyond any imagination."

Scully was considering calling it quits after this season but claims that he would be deeply saddened by missing the routine he has become so accustomed to. He would miss greeting the Dodger Stadium elevator operator (Marie Meza) and press box attendants (Robert Allen and James Mims), whom he has seen every day for the last 35 years.

Furthermore, Scully still possesses a passion for the game that as guided his career for more than six decades. In fact, on the night of his announcement, a Justin Upton sacrifice fly to Yasiel Puig kindled an excitement in Scully that convinced him that he had made the right decision to return for the 2015 season, according to MLB.

"After that [play], I sat back, and I thought, 'That's the way you were the first day you ever started doing this,'" Scully said Wednesday. "You see this play building, and it just gets to you. And God is my judge, that play last night convinced me -- as if I had any doubts -- I thought, 'Here you are doing the exact same thing, getting the exact same goosebumps and that thrill of anticipation of seeing a great play.'”



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