A violent weekend for Chicago: at least 40 people shot, 4 dead

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

Although Chicago isn't a stranger to violence, the weekend of July 18th left Chicago with 40 people shot and four dead, including an 11-year-old girl.

In an AP report by NBC Chicago 5 News, the number is startling after a overall decrease in violence within the city. The youngest victim, an 11-year-old, was sitting on the floor of a ground-level bedroom when she was shot in the head. She died shortly later at the hospital. Many of the victims were a result of accidental stray bullets, and not a direct result of gang or personal violence.

Many shootings happened within the evening hours of Saturday into early morning Sunday. Reuters reports that there is not an official tally of the weekend violence and injuries. Although the overall amount of violence within Chicago is steadily decreasing, there has been an increase within the summer months.

These statistics come second to the Fourth of July weekend, in which 17 people died and 53 were shot. An official report is expected to be released on Monday morning from officials.



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