The voice of ‘Pinocchio’ Richard Percy Jones passes away at 87 years old

By Ricky Yandoli,

Richard Percy Jones, the legendary voice in the iconic Walt Disney animated classic Pinocchio, has passed away at the age of 87.

Confirmed by West Side Today, the man they called Dickie or Dick Jones died on Monday night, July 7, of natural causes.

Jones made his mark in projects such as Babes in Toyland in 1934, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington in 1939, and Knute Rockne All American in 1940, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Richard Percy Jones also appeared in 78 episodes of a television series called The Range Rider. In the show, he played the character of Dick West/Jimmy the Kid. As it turns out, Jones’ last credited project he was in was the 1965 film Requiem for a Gunfighter.

The legendary voice of Pinocchio was born in Sydner, Texas, and was the son of a newspaper editor. The fantastic work Jones did for the film Pinocchio will always be remembered, and the timeless Disney movie will live on.



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