Warner Bros. picks up Shane Black's 'The Nice Guys,' starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe

By Will Ashton,

Iron Man 3 writer/director Shane Black has been attempting to bring his '70s noir-set film The Nice Guys to the big screen for awhile. With the project picking up some steam lately when Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe reportedly circled the lead roles, it appears that the next needed step has happened. Warner Bros. has closed a deal to acquire the film.

The Hollywood Reporter states that the movie has finally earned itself a home at the studio. Written by Black and Anthony Bagarozzi, the story will follow a private detective and a muscle-for-hire as they are brought together to investigate a fading porn star's suicide. The story was originally envisioned as a TV series, but was retooled as a film when the pilot never saw sight.

This, of course, will not be the first teaming of Black and the Warners Bros. The studio produced his screenplay of Lethal Weapon and distributed his directorial debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which helped return Robert Downey Jr. to the spotlight. Joel Silver, who produced both of those movies, is also producing this movie.

At the moment, neither Gosling and Crowe are officially signed on to the movie. But their circling to the project is what helped sparked the studio's interest.

It is unclear at the moment if this will be Black's next movie, as he has a couple options after the success of Iron Man 3. One of which includes a reboot/sequel to the Predator series, which he will co-write and direct. He is also attached to adaptation of Doc Savage, which may star Chris Hemsworth.

Considering that this project is moving forward with the studio, however, this seems like the first to come of the three.

Image courtesy of Carlos Diaz/INFGoff.com



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