Wes Bentley to guest star in two-part special for ‘American Horror Story’

By Aubrie Reichardt,

It looks like Seneca Crane will be getting his freak on with the rest of the American Horror Story gang. AHS can be frightfully scary, as its past season titled Coven explored the world of witch craft. Now, its creator Ryan Murphy is taking the audience to a circus full of freaks, with season four called Freak Show and focus on the last freak circus in America. Most of the cast is returning from previous seasons but some new comers have also been announced, including Wes Bentley.

The American Beauty star will join the show for the two-part Halloween special. Bentley will be playing Eddie, a tormentor after revenge and from Kathy Bates’ character’s past, according to TV Line. Along with Bentley, Michael Chiklis is also a newcomer to the show. Chiklis will be in the freak circus as a strong man married to Angela Bassett and an ex-husband to Bates, says The Huffington Post. The freak show will be run by AHS lead actress, Jessica Lange, and Sarah Paulson will be in Lange’s circus as conjoined twins. While most of the cast has been announced, who they are playing has not been revealed for everyone yet.

The new AHS will take place in Jupiter, Florida in the year 1952. Since this is Lange’s last season she intends to make this the best one yet. What are your thoughts on season four of American Horror Story?

Images courtesy of INF Daily and Facebook American Horror Story



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