Wikipedia puts 10-day ban on Congress edits

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

After anonymous edits from a House IP address proved "disruptive," Wikipedia officials have instituted a 10-day ban on edits from any Congress source that are not signed on officially.

Persons who log into their own Wikipedia account are still able to make edits from the House IP address, reports The Huffington Post, but the anonymous ban is to ensure that all edits made are legitimate. There are over 9,000 staffers in the House of Representatives, and it is assumed that the incorrect edits are being made by someone within the general staff.

According to TIME, many of the changes happened over a wide variety of random pages, such as the moon landing and various actors. The ban was only instigated because the edits all occurred around the same time and originated from an anonymous Congressional IP address.

Although there is some anger and backlash to the ban, Wikipedia stands by their decision, and confirms that the ban will be lifted in 10 days and after some added investigation.



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