Wildfires rage on in Oregon and Washington causing both to declare a state of emergency

By Angelica Stephens,

Wildfires are widespread in Oregon and Washington with no looks of letting up soon, causing state officials to declare a state of emergency in both states in order to receive aid from the National Guard.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, a 10-mile fire in Leavenworth, Washington left firefighters struggling to put it out on Wednesday. Thursday’s high temperatures and high winds, along with unsuccessful attempts to extinguish the fire alarmed officials. Smoke could be seen 25,000 miles high in the air. Nearly 900 home owners were notified to leave their premises immediately; the fire has also led to the closure of a large part of highway two.

The Leavenworth fire isn’t the only fire ablaze in Washington; several other fires have erupted due to lighting. The Mills Canyon fire, which is not far from Chelan County, stretches 35 miles and is only partially contained; Methow Valley contains smoke from three wildfires.

Oregon has been battling numerous fires as well; the Bailey Butte fire is heading towards the Ochoco National Forest. Other fires close to Service Creek have burned over 4,000 acres of land.

The State of Emergency for Washington is in effect for 20 of its Eastern counties and remains in effect until Friday, The Seattle Times noted.

The Washington National Guard has stepped up to the plate and has sent two helicopters along with 14 officials to help put out the flames. Fires are also burning rampantly in Idaho, California, and Utah.



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