Woman’s severed head found outside a New York home

By Melissa Barclay,

A woman’s severed head was found outside a Long Island home on Thursday.

The head was found in the same area where human body parts were scattered and found last week, reported Reuters.

A neighbor called police, who found and removed the head from the bushes.

According to News 12, Johnathan Grier, a resident, smelled a stench coming from the bushes since last week. Grier thought the stench was a dead animal and didn’t alert authorities.

The body parts were scattered across Long Island, with two severed limbs appearing blocks apart in Hempstead. In Bay Shore, a woman’s torso was found.

Detectives suspect the dismembered parts are that of a 27-year-old Brooklyn woman, Chinelle Latoya Browne, who was reported missing earlier this month.

Browne, a mother of four, was last seen July 5, reported Newsday.

Browne was last seen by Joyce Miles, who lives in a building across the street from her.

Joyce Miles said that Browne was walking with a group of men and women outside.

Miles said the group Browne was amongst was talking loudly and arguing.

The group, including Browne, then went into a cab.



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