World Health Organization recommends ‘drastic action’ to prevent the Ebola virus in West Africa

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Members of the World Health Organization are taking "drastic action" to prevent Ebola in West Africa.

The WHO dispatched 150 specialists to stop increasing number of patients becoming infected with the Ebola virus. Dr Shek Moar Khan from the Lassa Fever Program told Euronews, “Whenever somebody shows symptoms, they must get help. People who take care of their own dead are at risk, people even hide the bodies.”

As many as 399 deaths have been reported in West Africa this year. The places hardest hit by Ebola include Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Liberia warned that anyone hiding patients with Ebola will be prosecuted. Sierra Leone announced 46 deaths last week.

The health ministry set up treatment centers and started a public service campaign to slow the spread of the disease. Testing in laboratories can confirm the presence of Ebola. There have been a reported 635 cases on record, according to the Associated Press. Contact with the body of an Ebola victim increases the chance of infection, and health professionals are counseled to use protective clothing as they treat Ebola patients.



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