Young kids left in car as nanny goes tanning

By Melissa Barclay,

A 23-year-old nanny left two young children locked in a van as she went to a tanning salon in Portland, Oregon.

The cops were alerted by the 3-year-old and 1-month-old’s screams in the van, reported Yahoo Shine.

All of the windows in the Dodge Caravan were closed, as the 90-degree temperature heated up the vehicle.

According to the court documents, the officer said that the 3-year-old was “soaked in sweat.”

Kristin Marie Jones, the nanny, walked out of the tanning salon as the children were being taken out of the car, reported Click Orlando.

The documents said that Jones told police that she left the children with their mother in the car. However, the mother was at work while Jones was with the children.

Jones later told the police that she lied because she was scared.

Jones' resume revealed past convictions. In 2009 she was convicted of second-degree theft, and in 2012 she had two separate DUI convictions.



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