Young man celebrates the life of his leg before getting it amputated

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

After years of ankle problems and benign tumors resulting in arthritis and continuous pain, Joe Pleban, 23, decided to voluntarily have his leg amputated on June 25. To lighten the situation, Pleban and his sister, Kaley, began documenting last-minute adventures as the surgery date grew closer.

"The Last Adventures of Joe's Left Foot" documents various escapades from May 16th until the surgery on June 25, including skydiving, paintballing, concerts and even the process of getting "the most permanent non-permanent tattoo ever." The page is still regularly updated to show the therapy Pleban is going through to adjust to life as an amputee.

In a statement to Daily Mail Online, Pleban says, "Over six years I had to give up all of the sports I loved. Although taking my ankle away was a big sacrifice, the chance to regain the ability to play those sports again meant it was a no-brainer."

Diagnosed with pigmented villonodular synovitis after a minor ankle surgery in 2008, Pleban underwent radiation therapy and other minor therapies to manage the arthritis and tumors that were developing, which caused constant pain. ABC News reports there were moments he questioned his decision, "But then I’d try to walk a block or something, where I need a cane or walking boot. [I’d think] This is the right decision, I can’t live like this anymore,” Pleban commented.

Now, a few weeks since the surgery, Pleban says he feels confident in his decision, and the support he has been receiving has helped "immensely."



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