10 Celebrity deaths that have impacted us over the past five years

By Elizabeth Learned,

Over the last five years, we have seen many changes in the world of entertainment, from television and movies to music. For every story that has been heard about various celebrities, none have been more shocking than the news of a celebrity that has passed away, especially ones who are still young.

Fans who were rocked by these tragic deaths are still able to hear and watch the music and/or shows that their beloved celebrity was in, but their untimely deaths continue to leave them in a sense of mourning.

With many of the tragic deaths that have befallen these celebrities, we can take a lesson from their lives, how they lived and the legacy that lives on. Whether they spent their entire lives educating people, such as Maya Angelou or had demons they had trouble facing, such as Cory Monteith, they all deserve to be mourned for the impact they had on our lives.

In tribute to the celebrities who have tragically left us in the past five years, we look back on their legacies.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com


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