'19 Kids and Counting' star Jill Duggar is pregnant two months after her wedding

By Madeline Smith,

Jill Duggar, reality TV star from 19 Kids and Counting, has announced that she is expecting her first child, just two months after getting married.

People put Jill and husband Derek Dillard on the cover of the magazine, announcing the pregnancy. Just two months ago, the couple was on the cover in their wedding clothes.

Duggar told the magazine she found out she was pregnant when her sisters convinced her to take a test while she was visiting her family. Both Duggar and Dillard told People multiple times that they were very excited.

As TheCelebrityCafe.com previously reported in June, when the couple married, they waited to kiss until their wedding day. In the Duggar family, kids are expected to wait until marriage to kiss and do anything farther than that. The children are also expected to withhold from holding hands until they are engaged in order to resist physical temptation.

The couple really sped things up as soon as they got married, because 30 days after their marriage they told the family they were expecting.

Patriarch of the family Jim Bob Duggar was thrilled about the new edition to the large family.

"Everyone was clapping and cheering, and we were in shock, too," he told People.

Another addition is also coming to the family, with Jill’s little sister Jessa getting engaged just last week, according to the Daily News.



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