245,000 Vizio flat screen TVs recalled due to defective stands

By Jennifer Pilgrim,

After almost 51 reported incidents of televisions tipping over, Vizio has officially recalled 245,000 units of Vizio E-series 39-and-42-inch Full-Array LED flat panel TVs that were sold between December 2013 and June 2014.

HNGN reports that consumers can find out if they have an affected model through the available logo and model number of the television on the lower-right corner of the front panel.

Although there were 51 reported incidents of televisions tipping, no injuries were reported. The TVs tipping over can be of danger to small pets and children, and Vizio is urging all affected to return the televisions. Customers that have been affected will receive an extension on their standard one-year warranties, and an apology from the company.

Slate reports that the Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued an official report regarding the situation and corresponding recall, and has also given an official list of the affected model numbers on their website. Customers can also call (855)-472-7450 to request a replacement stand or wall mount for the television.



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