4.2-magnitude earthquake strikes Hawaii ahead of Hurricanes Julio and Iselle

By Kyle Johnson,

Hawaii is currently bracing for its first hurricane in more than two decades, but was also hit by a 4.2-magnitude earthquake on Thursday.

The earthquake hit off the shore of the Big Island near Waimea at about a depth of 7.9 miles. The quake is not expected to create any tsunami waves the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported, but did note that some areas might have felt some shaking.

The magnitude of the earthquake has been inconsistently reported, with some saying it was a 4.5, while others a 4.2, with the Los Angeles Times reporting the former.

The earthquake struck as Hawaii is dealing with two oncoming hurricanes, Julio and Iselle, which has left the Big Island under a hurricane warning. Residents are worried about the potential damage and chaos the two could create.

"We're very worried," Mary Roblee, Ala Kai Bed and Breakfast owner in Hilo, said. "We are prepared to evacuate if we have to."

Julio has maximum wind speeds of 100 mph and is 1,230 miles off the coast of Hilo, while Iselle is expected to bring heavy rains and 90 mph winds and is much closer at 300 miles.

Those living on the other side of the island are trying not to lose their heads over the first hurricanes to hit Hawaii in 22 years. "We're all paying attention to the weather," Mary Dahlager, owner of Lae Ho'ola Bed and Breakfast in Kona, said. "But we're not overreacting."

As previously reported, residents have been preparing for the hurricanes all week and stores have been mobbed by people looking to stock up on canned goods and bottled water.



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