Adrienne Bailon continues Kardashian feud with new statement

By Rachel Karach,

Former Disney actress Adrienne Bailon has responded to the Kardashian family’s harsh comments regarding her interview with Latina magazine. Bailon dated Rob Kardashian before he cheated on her back in 2009.

Bailon told Latina that she felt “stuck” being associated with the Kardashian name and wishes she would not have appeared on the show as it was “so hurtful to me and my career.”

It didn’t take long for Kim to respond with one of her characteristic dramatic Twitter rants. “Funny how she says being with a Kardashian hurt her career yet the only reason she has this article is bc she is talking about a Kardashian,” she posted.

Rob also responded on Twitter, retweeting Khloe’s “FDB” post, which stands for “f--k dat b***h.”

Image via Instagram from Adrienne Bailon

Bailon has taken to Instagram to post a general statement and clarify her stand on the current controversy. “Fame and a career are two different things,” she wrote, inadvertently asserting that the Kardashians make a living out of the former. “I’ve always had a career. Being someone’s ‘girlfriend’ was never what I wanted to be famous for,” she said in reference to her previous relationship with Rob.

Bailon then took a dig at Kim, highlighting that she and her family became famous because of her sex tape. “What makes you ‘famous’ isn’t always what you want to be ‘labeled’ as, or known for. If anyone should understand that…It should be you.”

Bailon concluded, “I also stated in the article that none of this would have stopped me from being in love and being in that relationship. I just would have gone about it differently. You can love someone just as much in private. We all learn from our first loves.”

What do you think of Bailon’s newest statement?

Image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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