Adult Swim's 'Black Jesus' gets off to strong start in TV ratings

By Kyle Johnson,

Adult Swim's latest comedy series Black Jesus has gotten off to a great start in the ratings after premiering Thursday night.

The initial telecast for the series from Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder managed to top most original programming on the night with a 0.9 rating in the advertiser-important 18-49 demographic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A total of 2 million viewers gave the show a shot.

Few programs even come close to Black Jesus' numbers on the night, with the show managing to outdo several shows on broadcast, with the exception of CBS' repeats and Big Brother.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone was happy with the series co-created by Mike Clattenburg ahead of the premiere, with One Million Moms filing a complaint about the program and calling it a "blasphemous" show.

The conservative Christian group said, “The show depicts him living in Compton Gardens and makes a mockery of our Lord. The foul language used in the trailer, including using the Lord's name in vain, is disgusting."

McGruder denied claims the show is merely there to offend people. "This show is not an exercise to offend people. It has lots of heart."

Black Jesus stars Gerald "Slink" Johnson as the title character who is trying to spread love and harmony in Compton, while also apparently drinking and smoking weed.

image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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