Africa’s last polar bear dies at Johannesburg Zoo

By Michelle Kapusta,

It was a sad day at the Johannesburg Zoo, where Africa’s last polar bear passed away on Wednesday.

The Agence France-Presse reported that the polar named Wang, died just a few months after his long-time mate, GeeBee, passed away.

CNN noted that Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Brett Gardener had to make the very tough decision to put him down.

"Africa's last polar bear Wang had to be put down due to liver and heart failure," Johannesburg Zoo said in a statement.

Wang was being treated for liver aliments and other medical conditions since November of 2010. The Joburg Zoo said that in recent months, he was pining the loss of GeeBee, his 27-year companion, who died of natural causes in January.

Wang was born at a Japanese zoo in 1984. He and GeeBee were swapped for Lions and brought to the South African zoo.

Next month, the zoo will pay tribute to Wang by dedicating the Zoo Trot to his legacy.



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