ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raises more than $40 million

By Michelle Kapusta,

The Ice Bucket Challenge that has been sweeping the nation has now raised more than $40 million in donations since July 29.

According to the ALS Association website, the hefty $41.8 million raised this year, compared with the $2.1 million raised this time last year, shows that the challenge has been a huge success.

From celebrities to sports figures to politicians, just about everyone is getting in on the challenge for a good cause. And, as USA Today noted, the fundraising increased by over $25 million this week alone and the association now has about 740,000 new donors.

Unless you have been living under a rock or have not had Internet access for the past month, you know what the rules are.

Anyone nominated or just up for it, will allow a bucket of ice-cold water or ice mixed with water to be dumped over their head and then make a donation. Participants also often nominate other people who they would like to see accept the challenge in videos posted on social media.

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