Amanda Peet expecting third child with husband David Benioff

By Kyle Johnson,

Actress Amanda Peet announced on Monday that she is expecting her third child with husband David Benioff.

The Whole Nine Yards actress, sporting her baby bump, revealed, what at that point was rather obvious, that she is pregnant to Us Weekly, while walking the red carpet for the Emmy Awards.

Peet said her two daughters are overjoyed. "They're pretty excited," the 42-year-old actress said. "The older one is pretty excited, the middle one is not so sure."

Peet and her Game of Thrones showrunner husband are already parents to 7-year-old Frances and 4-year-old Molly.

The actress said she was doing fine so far. "It's okay! It's okay!" she exclaimed. "42 and pregnant is quite something. I'll be taking these heels off in a minute."

According to People, the couple did not reveal a due date for their impending third child.

Back when Peet and the 43-year-old Benioff welcomed their second daughter Molly, the actress previously said they were trying to decide between naming her Maya or Molly. Peet said her husband took two pieces of paper and wrote down a name on each and had her choose one while he hid them behind his back.

"I chose one of them and it was Maya and then I got really upset."

image courtesy of Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com



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