Aubrey Plaza talks career moves after ‘Parks and Rec’

By Rachel Karach,

Funny woman and Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza is talking about her plans after the final season of the NBC show hits television. While there is not yet a specific air date for the premiere of Parks and Recreation’s final season, Plaza is still looking ahead in terms of career and life goals.

Although Plaza is famous for her deadpan style of comedy, she is a remarkably driven woman determined to make it in the entertainment business. “I’m going to create my own opportunities,” she tells NYLON. “If I can’t find the roles I want, I’ll just make them.”

As for a specific goal in television, the 30-year-old actress replies in her characteristic wry fashion. “Hmm, hopefully when I’m 70, Anna Kendrick and I will have our multicam sitcom, exactly like The Golden Girls,” she says. “We’ll just be two fast-talking sexual ladies hitting on younger guys.”

Plaza also says she is drawn to “smart” female characters to whom she can relate.

When asked about how she feels leaving behind her fellow cast mates in Parks and Recreation after seven seasons together, Plaza responds in a way only the woman behind April Ludgate could. “I’m really scared and sad,” she says. “I just can’t imagine not being forced to be with those people for most of the year.”

Megan Mullally is also reportedly returning for the seventh and final season.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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