B-Real from Cyprus Hill dumps marijuana over his head while accepting ALS ice bucket challenge

By Gina DiFalco,

B-Real from Cyprus Hill took an extremely unconventional approach to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and instead, tailored it to make it his own.

Instead of using ice water to dump over his head upon accepting the challenge, he used a bucket of marijuana.

Huffington Post reports he can be heard saying in the video, "I know we're going through a drought with water and all that stuff, so we're going to do it a little different, but I accept the challenge.”

He then called out three well known fellow marijuana advocates - Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson.

B-Real posted the video to Hustla Subs’ YouTube channel last week. Watch it below.

Meanwhile, take a look at other celebrities’ donations and responses in their aid to support those with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The ALS Association has also announced that it had received a total of $15.6 million in donations since July 29.



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