Beyoncé may be serving Jay Z with divorce papers as marriage drama jeopardizes tour

By Jorie Goins,

Fans of Jay Z and Beyoncé may be in for double the disappointment as reports surface that Beyoncé plans to serve Jay Z with divorce papers and their continuing marriage drama may cause the two to not finish their On the Run Tour.

According to Page Six, Jay Z, Beyoncé, their concert promoter Live Nation, HBO and at least four lawyers held an emergency meeting Thursday to discuss the couple's marriage and its impact on the tour. While the intent was to release a statement after the meeting, Jay Z and Beyoncé were unable to mutually decide what it should say. Officials are now worried that the show, which cost $100 million, may not reach San Francisco which was its next stop, Monday, after performances this weekend in Los Angeles. There is even more fear that the tour may not last to its planned September finale in Paris.

Throughout the ordeal, the couple has tried to put on a brave face, cozying up during performances and posting photos of family moments on social media. Now the Inquisitr reports that Beyoncé is now also planning to file for divorce and may be serving Jay Z with divorce papers by next week. Lawyers have been present on the tour to help finalize the terms of the divorce.

“They’ve had discussions lately about the inevitable sit-down interview when they finally do split, and Jay’s been adamant that he doesn’t want Beyoncé sitting down with Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey pretending to be the victim,” a source told Page Six.

The source says there's no prenuptial agreement and there haven't been any reports as to how the stars, who both have net worths of over $100 million, will be dividing up their assets in the event of a divorce.

Photo Courtesy of: INFphoto.com



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