'Big Brother 16' Recap: Beast Mode Ninja, Punching for Days and the First Sunday with no Battle of the Block

By Chris Howcroft,

Sunday night's episode focuses on Nicole returning to the game and crowning the first solo HOH of the season.

Caleb demonstrates his martial arts skills for the rest of the house. We find out that he is a third degree black belt. He should be safe this week, considering his alliance members are in power this week.

Christine is very upset that Nicole is back, considering she is the one that got her evicted. She is slowly becoming a target and has no idea. I feel that she could be the next member of ‘The Detonators’ to be evicted once everyone starts playing the game individually. I’m not a big fan of the way she is playing so I would be ok with her heading to the Jury House.

Cody is among several that are not happy with Nicole’s return. He wins his second HOH of the season and is the first solo HOH of the summer. ‘The Hitmen’ talk in the HOH room about their long term plans for the game. He nominates Donny and Nicole for eviction.

Derrick is still playing an excellent game and has placed himself in good terms with everyone. He is smart and knows that ‘The Detonators’ still have the numbers. It is interesting when he talks about his transformation in the house for keeping appearances. I am 100 percent on board for Derrick to win this game.

Donny is probably the only person that is happy to see Nicole back in the game. He finishes second in the HOH competition and is expecting to be nominated this week. I’m questioning his methods this week in talking with Cody. His conversation didn’t work because he was nominated by Cody.

Frankie finds Caleb’s “ninja” skills hilarious and terrifying at the same time. This was a pretty quiet night for Frankie. He should be safe... unless Cody decides to make a big move this week pending the POV competition.

Nicole is ecstatic to be back in the game. She knows that her only ally in this game is Donny. She is crushed that Cody is HOH this week. She has a feeling she will be going on the block next to Donny. She talks with Cody about his plans for the week. She is nominated for eviction next to Donny as expected. She is going to have to fight to win POV this week.

Victoria continues to float around in irrelevancy. I’m truly amazed that she is still in the game. She is literally just a number in favor of ‘The Detonators.’ It is only a matter of time before she is taken out of the game.

I was happy that one of ‘The Hitmen’ won HOH tonight. The nominations went as expected and I’m thinking that Donny is the main target this week. Who will win the POV? Find out this Wednesday night!

image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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