‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: 'The Detonators’ eliminate their next target'

By Chris Howcroft,

Who will be evicted tonight….Amber or Jocasta? We flashback to right after the exciting POV ceremony where Amber is convinced that Frankie knew what he was going to do. The house reassures Jocasta that she is safe this week. Caleb still thinks the plan is just to “scare” Amber. He has no idea that Amber is the target for eviction this week. Frankie dodges Amber’s attempts of finding out why she was nominated. We finally get an Amber/Caleb confrontation. Caleb admits that he was behind Amber being nominated. He also reveals that the entire alliance knew about it. Amber said it feels like “a slap in the face.” Caleb feels devastated and completely responsible for Amber being nominated.

Amber is completely fed up with Zach and breaks down. She tells Christine that she also thinks Caleb is ruining her game and that he is 100% her target. Christine relays this to her alliance members and Zach decides to tell Caleb this while he is pleading his case to keep Amber. Caleb is furious when hearing this and makes the comment that he has been “blinded since day one.” It will be interesting to see how the votes go this week. Julie does her weekly chat with the HG. She offers Derrick condolences for the passing of his grandfather. She asks Zach why he is so vocal…he responds with that he can’t keep his mouth shut and that “he hates everyone in the house.” She asks Nicole about Zach’s outburst on her, Nicole said she took it as a compliment. She asks Caleb about how he dresses in the house and he says that sometimes he likes to be “metro.”

TeamAmerica receives their next mission. They have to vote against the majority in the upcoming eviction and then publicly accuse two other people of doing it. This going to be a tough mission to accomplish. It seems that TeamAmerica is hesitant to attempt this mission. It is time for the live eviction. Amber and Jocasta make their last minute pleas to stay in the game. Donny and Derrick decide not to attempt the TeamAmerica mission. In another unanimous vote, Amber is the next houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. Amber is shocked that the vote is 9-0 to evict her. She thinks Caleb is the person she is most betrayed by. She feels that Caleb’s feelings towards her had a major impact on her game.

It’s time for the next HOH competition. This competition is going to be based on memory. It is called “Getting Loopy.” They must answer true or false based on a serious of questions from videos they saw earlier. Zach claims he is the smartest person in the house and should dominate this competition. In a lengthy competition that pauses with a five-way tie between Zach, Nicole, Caleb, Donny and Hayden. Julie says that they have run out of time for the live broadcast and we have to find out Sunday night the two people that are the new HOH’s for the week. We also find out next Thursday is the first double eviction of the season!

This Sunday night we find out who the next two HOH’s are who they nominate for eviction!



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