‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: “Double Eviction Night…Who Survived?”

By Chris Howcroft,

It is a live double eviction tonight! This is going to be one of the most exciting episodes of the summer. We find out that the jury starts tonight and everyone that is evicted from here on out goes to the jury house. The jury consists of the last nine HG evicted who decide the winner of Big Brother. It seems that the current plan is to evict Zach since the POV wasn’t used. Derrick tries to get Frankie on board with the plan to evict Zach. He also talks with Caleb and tries to get him on board with the plan. Derrick is torn with the plan for this week and has a meeting with fellow ‘Hitman’ Cody and they decide they can stay loyal to ‘The Detonators’ and expose Nicole and Hayden and keep Zach this week. It seems like the house is on the verge of chaos.

Julie talks with the HG live and informs them that the double HOH twist is over, just for an hour since it is double eviction night. She tells the HG that the people evicted tonight will be the first members of the jury. We then get the first live eviction of the night. Jocasta and Zach give their final pleas to the house, with Zach giving a unique rhyme. This eviction vote could definitely expose some alliances in the house. This was the first time this summer that the vote was not unanimous and by a vote of 6-2, Jocasta is evicted from the house and becomes the first member of the jury. When the announcement is made, Hayden and Nicole look shocked. Jocasta talks with Julie and was not shocked that she was evicted. Seriously…I can’t stand her. Jocasta said that she wasn't going to lie so they might have hurt her game.

It is time for the next HOH competition. Whoever wins this HOH must immediately nominate two people for eviction. The competition is called “Mathcathlon.” They are asked a serious of math questions about events that have happened so far and they answer either more, exactly or less than the number. In a quick and exciting HOH competition, Caleb is the new HOH. He must make nominations in several minutes. ‘The Detonators’ are excited because they should be safe this week. This entire time Nicole has looked completely shocked and confused. Caleb makes his nominations and says that he feels like a “line has been drawn” and he nominates Hayden and Donny for eviction. There is so much tension in the house right now, it seems like people are about to go off at any moment.

HOH Caleb, nominees Hayden and Donny, Zach, Victoria and Christine are playing in this POV competition. This is crucial since their is no BOTB competition. The competition is called “Best of Duck.” The object is to race down and jump into a ball pit and retrieve three rubber ducks and bring them back one at a time. In an exciting and fast-paced competition that comes down to the very end, Donny wins the Power of Veto! He is pretty much exhausted but he is going to save himself this week. The POV Meeting has Donny obviously saving himself from eviction, which means Caleb must nominate someone else in his place. He nominates Nicole, which means the “showmance” between Hayden and Nicole is coming to an end tonight. Nicole has looked devastated the entire episode.

It is time for the second live eviction of the night. In his speech, Hayden throws Frankie and Christine under the bus saying they have been planting seeds since Day Two. Nicole says many people are playing “super dirty” in the house and again Frankie and Christine are mentioned. This should be an interesting vote. The “showmance” is officially over by a vote of 5-2, Hayden is the second person evicted from the house tonight. As Hayden is walking out the door, Nicole is starting to call out people in the house, mainly Christine. Hayden talks with Julie and said he knew once he heard Jocasta was evicted, he knew that he was going to be a target. He said he would like to date Nicole outside of the house. We see the HG all talking and scheming as the episode comes to an end. The house is seriously about to be chaotic. Who will be the next two HOH’s for the week? Find out this Sunday night!



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