'Big Brother 16' Recap: Emotional Nominees, An NFL Experience and down to the Elite Eight

By Chris Howcroft,

Tonight is another live eviction with another houseguest heading to the jury house. Who will be joining Jocasta and Hayden?

Christine chooses a side

It would appear that ‘The Detonators’ alliance is still working together after what took place at the POV meeting. Nicole talks with Christine and gets emotional while being very honest. She wants to know why she is on the block. Christine reveals what she was told about being the ‘backdoor’ target this week. Christine doesn’t trust Donny, but I’m not sure if it is enough for her to keep Nicole this week. Christine informs Cody and Derrick the potential idea to evict Donny this week.

An Emotional Nicole tries to save herself

It seems that Nicole is very upset about the possibility of going home this week. “I really wanted to see Zingbot” she says to Victoria in the Fire Room. She is also convinced that Christine has some deal with Cody. She also mentions how she would never act the way Christine does since she is married.

Nicole pleads her case with Christine to stay this week. She slightly throws Donny under the bus. She campaigns to Cody to keep herself. I’m not sure if Nicole has done enough to save herself this week.

An NFL Experience for three Houseguests

Caleb, Christine and Frankie get an all-access VIP pass to the Dallas Cowboys training camp. They get to leave the house for the first time in over 50 days and they get a private tour of the locker room. They also meet owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones. He gives them some Cowboys gear and they get to stand on the sideline and watch training camp.

They get to meet some famous Cowboys players including Jason Witten, Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. I’m not a Cowboys fan but I have to admit that was pretty awesome and I would have loved to been in their position getting to see training camp.

The Groundskeeper or the Small Town Girl join the Jury House

Donny and Nicole give their speeches to the HG, both with very kind and respectful speeches. It is still up in the air on who is going home tonight. It seems that ‘The Detonators’ alliance is on the same page and they all voted together. In an unanimous 6-0 vote, Nicole is the next person evicted from the Big Brother house.

I think Nicole had an idea that it was coming. She was very respectful when leaving the house. She said that she would keep in touch with Donny after the game. Nicole feels betrayed and frustrated with Christine but understands her move as a game player.

The Dead of Household HOH Competition

The night before the HOH competition the HG keep seeing random Zombies through the glass windows. I was laughing hysterically watching their reactions and faces. My favorite part is when they all went into the Fire Room and shut off the lights.

The next day, they were given specific details about a ‘zombie outbreak’ that is happening. This information is crucial to the HOH comp. It is a memory based competition, with the last two HG standing, the next two HOHs. Caleb is the first one out of the competition. It comes down to Cody, Derrick and Frankie for HOHs this week. Derrick and Frankie are the new HOHs for the week! I am a big fan of Derrick so I’m ok with this. It seems that ‘The Detonators’ alliance is still staying in power.

The ending of the episode sees Julie Chen talking with former Big Brother winning Rachel Riley. Rachel says that what is surprising her the most this season is how the girls are clinging to the guys in the house. She thinks Derrick is playing the best game this season. If someone is allowed back in the game, Rachel hopes that Nicole is the HG that can go back into the game.

We find out this Sunday night is the final Battle of the Block competition and next Thursday that the double HOH twist is over! Also, the first four jury members are going to have a chance to come back into the game! Big Brother is all about “expect the unexpected!!”

image courtesy of Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com



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