'Big Brother 16' Recap: The Fallout from Double Eviction, Alliances are Revealed and a New Public Enemy Number One

By Chris Howcroft,

Caleb is skeptical of his true alliance, especially of Frankie. He calls this game very “cut throat” which is very true. His thoughts on Frankie are completely accurate. He volunteers to be a pawn against Frankie. He is nominated for eviction by Nicole. He is excited at the chance to keep Frankie on the block. He tells Frankie he is not going to play with him right before the BOTB comp. He remains on the block after Frankie wins the BOTB. It was a bold move to not help Frankie out tonight. We will see how that plays out for him.

Christine is trying to cover her tracks about what just happened during the double eviction. She wins HOH this week along with Nicole. She is upset that Frankie revealed their true alliances in the house. She nominates Donny and Zach for eviction. She is the most surprised by the events that occur right before BOTB. She remains the sole HOH for the week. I still think she is a strong player and her lies might not come back to haunt her just yet.

Cody is in agreement with Caleb, Zach and Derrick about the fact that Frankie is throwing their alliance under the bus and needs to go. He feels some sympathy for Frankie having to play BOTB alone, even after all the lies Frankie has told. He should be safe this week, unless something crazy happens in the house.

Derrick is glad that he is not a target to anyone, considering he was behind flipping the house to keep Zach. He is upset that Frankie is throwing the alliance under the bus. He proposes a plan to throw the BOTB competition to keep Frankie on the block. He is still playing the best game in the house and should stay for another week.

Donny is trying to keep Nicole’s spirits up after the emotional eviction. He is nominated for eviction by Christine. He remains on the nomination block next to Zach. Will Donny pull out another POV victory this week?

Frankie denies any involvement of being in an alliance with Nicole. He is skeptical of his safety this week. He completely blows up the alliances in the house, claiming that he and Christine will “flip” from the other side of the house. He is nominated for eviction by Nicole. He has no idea that Caleb is going to throw the BOTB. He knows immediately that Caleb is going to throw the BOTB comp. Frankie wins the BOTB by himself saving himself and Caleb. It was impressive that he won the competition by himself. He plans to reveal to the house that his sister is Ariana Grande. It will be interesting to see how this goes.

Nicole is extremely emotional after Hayden’s eviction. She calls out Christine and Frankie, who both deny that they knew what was going on. She gains redemption by winning one of the HOH’s this week. She is shocked to learn of the multiple alliances in the house. She nominates Frankie and Caleb for eviction. She is dethroned when her nominees lose the BOTB. She went for the bold move this week and I respect her game for that.

Victoria is completely irrelevant again. It amazes me on how the most exciting episode of the season, she is pretty much not there. Seriously…how has she made it this far? She gets an award for the best floater in several seasons.

Zach has some reason to doubt Frankie’s trust, but continues to irritate Nicole and be his usual self in the house. In a very smart game move, he reveals to Nicole about “The Detonators” alliance and puts his entire game out there. He claims Frankie is “dead to him.” He is nominated for eviction by Christine. He calls out Christine and Frankie at the Nomination Ceremony. He doesn’t want to talk to either of them. He remains on the block after losing the BOTB. I’m sure that “Zach Attack” will be doing all he can to win the POV this week.

In my opinion, this was the best episode of the season so far. The game is officially on. The line has been drawn and everyone is competing for their lives in the house. The entire episode had me on the edge of my seat. I hope the rest of the season continues like this. Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out this Wednesday Night!

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