‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: A Game of Cat and Mouse mixed with the Domino Effect

By Chris Howcroft,

We find out in this episode who the two new HOHs are for the week, who is nominated for eviction and who wins the Battle of the Block Competition!

Caleb feels nervous with Donny being HOH this week since he nominated Donny. His hunch was right because he is nominated next to Victoria. He doesn’t like being stuck on the block next to Victoria. He wins BOTB this week with Victoria and is safe for the week. He has to be chained to Victoria for 48 hours.

Christine is the host of the BOTB competition. She should be safe this week considering who is in power. I still like the game she is playing right now.

Cody has the best look on his face when overhearing “Zankie” discuss their intercourse date. It was priceless, especially since I had the same look on my face.

Derrick is playing an excellent game so far and should be safe considering he is in good with Donny and Nicole. He is probably my favorite person in the house.

Donny wins HOH along with Nicole. He has several different ideas on who he should nominate this week. He ends up nominating Caleb and Victoria for eviction. He is dethroned as HOH this week after his nominees win the BOTB.

Frankie is nervous because this is the first time all summer that someone in his alliance is not in power. There are rumors that he might be the “backdoor” target this week. He honestly would be shocked if he was nominated this week.

Hayden thinks Frankie is the “puppet master” in the house. His girl in the house Nicole is in power so he is not going anywhere this week.

Jocasta is devastated about not winning HOH this week. She is trying to stay strong. She is nominated again this week by Nicole. She loses the BOTB competition and is determined to win the veto. I really don’t like her. I would be okay with her leaving this week.

Nicole wins HOH for the week along with Donny. She feels that it could be time to make a big move in the game. She has an idea to potentially “backdoor” Frankie this week. She nominates Jocasta and Zach for eviction. She still likes the idea of making her big move to “backdoor” Frankie.

Victoria is nominated by Donny for eviction. She considers Caleb her best friend right now because he is her best chance of winning the BOTB. She wins the BOTB along with Caleb. She has to be chained to Caleb for 48 hours. I don’t like her either and I can’t imagine having to be stuck with her for 48 hours.

Zach thinks he is pulling reverse psychology on Nicole by asking her to nominate him for the week. He then asks her not to put him up because she should nominate the weak players in the house. He gets nominated by Nicole. He feels okay because he has “The Detonators” on his side. He is still nominated next to Jocasta. He feels safe sitting next to her. It all depends on the veto this week.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will they use it to save Jocasta or Zach from eviction? We find out this Wednesday night!

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