‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: “A House in Turmoil, Secrets Revealed and an OTEV Veto”

By Chris Howcroft,

The house is still in shock after Frankie won the BOTB competition by himself. The house is in turmoil and this week’s POV competition is huge.

‘Zankie’ fallout and Franke reveals his secret

Zach feels angry and betrayed by Franke and they get into in front of everyone. Zach calls Frankie a liar, in which he responds that this is Big Brother and everyone is a liar. Frankie admits that the girls wanted to put up the guys in the house. Once behind closed doors, Frankie reveals to the guys that his sister is Ariana Grande. The guys are shocked to hear the news, with Zach being the most surprised and confused. Zach has a meltdown in the Diary Room, claiming that he is playing for charity and is famous so he is going to win the game for sure.

Frankie tells the girls in the house about his sister. Seriously…if Victoria could never scream like that again it would be great. She is the most excited to hear the news. This is definitely a strategic movie by Frankie to tell the truth. It will be interesting to see if it works for him.

Derrick continues playing the smartest game in the house

In my opinion, Derrick is playing the best game in the house. He has good relationships with everyone in the house and lately has been developing a relationship with Victoria. He realizes that she could be another vote for him and could help him make it to the end. Derrick confronts Nicole, Victoria and Zach about the lies being said and it works out beautifully for him. Derrick keeps all of the blame away from him and continues to dominate this game. TeamAmerica is also not going to complete this mission by getting someone on the block next to Donny.

OTEV Tropical Veto

Donny, Zach, Christine, Derrick, Caleb and Nicole play in this week’s POV competition. Donny is looking to win his fourth POV while Zach is also trying to save himself. ‘Big Brother OTEV’ returns in this competition. The object of the competition is to slide down the water slide and retrieve the drink related to an evicted houseguest. The last person back of the group is eliminated. In a very intense and dramatic POV competition, Zach wins the Power of Veto and is going to be safe this week. This throws a wrench in Christine’s plan and she has no idea what to do. I’m impressed that he won this competition and I honestly have no idea who she is going to nominate next to Donny.

‘Zach Attack’ continues to cause turmoil in the house

Zach is safe for the week and acts nice to Frankie’s face. He says he is going to do a little acting to play Frankie. Zach goes to Victoria and completely blows up ‘The Detonators’ alliance. Victoria feels completely betrayed by Derrick. Zach then does damage control with Victoria, hoping that she does not reveal this information. Zach then blatantly lies to Derrick and says Nicole told Victoria everything about the alliance. In the HOH room, it is made very clear that Zach is a liar and I’m not sure what he was thinking by doing this, but he might have just done some serious damage to his game. It is unfortunate for the house that Zach won the POV this week.

Who goes up on the block next to Donny?

Zach won POV this week so he is safe. There are only four possible replacement nominee options: Derrick, Cody, Victoria or Nicole. The guys think Christine should nominate Nicole since she has won several HOH’s and is going to reveal Nicole’s plan to ‘backdoor’ Christine. Caleb twists the truth and is trying to get inside Christine’s head. It is funny to me that Caleb keeps referring to ‘The Bomb Squad.’ The Veto Meeting sees Zach obviously using the POV to save himself. Christine then has to make a difficult decision on who to nominate. “I’m going to take the knife out of my back and give it back to its owner, so it can’t be used again” Christine says right before she nominates Nicole for eviction. Nicole and Donny are both excellent players so at this point, I’m not sure who is going to be evicted.

We will find out Thursday night who the next Houseguest evicted will be!



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