‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: 'Skittles determine ‘The Detonators’ fate and the final Battle of the Block’

By Chris Howcroft,

We find out who Derrick and Frankie nominate for eviction, the next mission for TeamAmerica and the final Battle of the Block competition of the season!

Caleb is the “founder” of the now dead alliance ‘The Bomb Squad.' He still thinks it is alive though. He does not want to volunteer to go on the block again this week. I still find it hilarious that he has no idea about ‘The Detonators’ alliance. He is upset when he learned he is going to be nominated again. He pitches the idea if Donny wins POV, they should backdoor Zach. He keeps finding the wrong bones in this competition. He stays on the block with Cody. I’m not sure what his fate is going to be.

Christine says she is staying loyal to ‘The Detonators.’ He is shocked that they are deciding nominations by picking Skittles out of a hat. She is very unhappy when her name is paired with Donny. She also doesn’t like the idea of throwing the BOTB to keep Donny on the block. She claims her flirting with Cody is strategy to advance herself in the game. The BOTB competition is played in a pitch black box where you must retrieve five bones and put them on your board. She is safe this week after Donny won the BOTB for her. She did a horrible job of throwing that competition.

Cody feels unsure about this entire plan for nominations this week. It is funny and awkward watching him flirt with Christine. He said the hardest part of the BOTB is grabbing bones and not knowing if they are going to fit on your board or not. Cody and Caleb are doing a good job of working together. They do not win the BOTB and he does not like the idea of possibly going home this week. I like ‘The Hitmen’ so I hope he stays this week.

Derrick has other plans for his HOH reign. He is contemplating who to nominate this week. He talks with Frankie and said he would want to stay HOH. He feels they need to have a meeting with the entire alliance in order to determine who is going to be nominated. They decide to draw skittles to determine who is going to be nominated this week. He follows through and nominates Donny and Christine for eviction. He is dethroned as HOH following his BOTB nominees defeat. I’m pulling for him to win and he should be safe this week.

Donny feels disappointed and sad because he knows is probably going to be nominated. He talks with Derrick and is reassured he is not the target. He still does not feel 100% safe. Donny is also not on board with the Cody/Christine flirting. He does not like the idea of his fate being determined by Skittles. He is going to play his heart out at the BOTB competition. He realizes near the end that Christine is not helping him. Donny wins BOTB pretty much by himself. I can’t believe he won. Good job groundskeeper.

Frankie is very happy to be HOH. He knows this is a tough HOH because now alliance members must be nominated this week. He is open to the idea of his nominees throwing the BOTB comp and being able to play for HOH next week. It is funny watching him describe how bizarre it is watching Cody and Christine flirt, especially since she is married. He nominates Caleb and Cody for eviction. His speech was hilarious. He is the sole HOH after his nominees win the BOTB.

Victoria is happy because she has been told by Derrick and Frankie that she is safe for the week. It would have been very amusing to watch her in this BOTB competition. She is safe currently…but who knows what will happen after POV.

Zach does not feel comfortable with throwing a competition this late in the game. He is ecstatic that he is staying off the block this week. I’m also convinced that Zach is completely in love with Frankie. This isn’t a major surprise to anyone that watches every week. He is in the same boat with Victoria, he is safe for now.

TeamAmerica has a new mission this week. They have to steal an article of clothing from each HG and then form a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ program and be on patrol for 24 hours straight. This sounds very entertaining. Derrick informs Frankie and Donny on their mission.

I will say that plan of ‘The Detonators’ did not work out like they planned. I’m impressed Donny won the BOTB but would have been ok with him being evicted this week. I would also be ok with seeing them either backdoor Zach or Victoria. Who will win this very crucial POV this week? We find out Wednesday night!



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