‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: 'Zingbot returns to the house with a friend, Neighborhood Watch and a Crucial POV Competition'

By Chris Howcroft,

Tonight we find out who wins this crucial POV competition and will it change the nominations for the eighth time this season.

Donny saves himself again and he trusts nobody

I still can’t believe Donny won the BOTB with Christine trying to throw the competition. Donny is pretty much on his own right now and doesn’t trust anyone. Derrick tries to talk with him and immediately picks up that Donny doesn’t trust him at all. Derrick talks with Frankie and says they have to win POV this week because Donny could be coming after them next week. Donny also talks with Zach and plants the idea to him that he could be a possibility to be the backdoor target this week. Donny said he likes Zach and he is a beast at competitions and would want to work with him in the game.

TeamAmerica tries to get back on track

Derrick, Donny and Frankie haven’t completed their last two missions and are looking to complete this one. They are going to hide something valuable to every HG and hide it in a garbage bag. Derrick swipes Victoria’s robe, Frankie takes Caleb’s cowboy boots and Donny takes Cody’s blue flower hat. They now sit back and wait for the HG to realize that their favorite items in the house are missing. Cody notices that this hat is missing and TeamAmerica assembles their “neighborhood watch” for 24 hours. It is priceless watching the HG react when they realize their items are missing. They all believe that there is “saboteur” in the house. They all start suspecting Zach is the saboteur. It turns serious for a minute. Caleb and Cody finally find the items in the trash can.

Zingbot and a celebrity arrive at the Big Brother house

Zingbot returns to the house tonight but instead of making fun of people, he is being extremely friendly and giving compliments to everyone. Then Kathy Griffin arrives to the house. She is here to have an intervention with Zingbot. She says she will show him how its done. She cracks on several HG and really gets Zach good, which he says he can’t believe Kathy Griffin just ripped him to shreds. This was pretty funny watching Kathy Griffin crush the HG.

The POV Competition is crucial to the game and saving Zingbot

Frankie, Caleb, Cody, Victoria, Donny and Christine are playing in this POV competition. This is crucial in order to ensure that ‘The Detonators’ don’t lose a member. The object of the comp. is to plug in wires on a circuit board and make sure that electricity passes through each of the circuit boards. Frankie and Donny were dominating this competition early. Victoria is quite simply one of the worst competition players ever. Frankie is the winner of the golden Power of Veto! Frankie gets his first POV win of the season and it will be interesting to see what he decides to do. Zingbot returns to his normal ways and continues to crush the HG. It was awesome.

Did the BB Neighborhood Watch seal the fate of “The Saboteur?”

Zach was being accused of being the “saboteur” for this season. It starts off as a joke but by the time all of the items are recovered, most of the house thinks it was Zach. Zach is really upset and nervous because now he fears that he might be backdoored because of this. Frankie has a big decision to make. The POV Ceremony is an interesting one. Frankie uses the POV to save Caleb. He then pulls a shocking move and nominates Zach. Zach looks absolutely crushed.

A solid episode tonight. It is confirmed that ‘The Detonators’ will be losing their first member tomorrow night. Who will be evicted…Cody or Zach?



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