Bill O’Reilly slams Beyoncé in latest rant

By Alexandria Nelson,

Conservative host Bill O’Reilly once again attacks Beyoncé in a rant, this time focusing on the singer’s VMA performance.

O’Reilly slams the singer once again for her sexy performance during last Sundays VMAs. During which the singer performed many of her hits from her latest album, including “Flawless,” “Drunk In Love,” and “Partition” all of which severely angered the Fox News host.

O’Reilly slammed the singer for setting a bad example for youth in America, saying on his show, “And what do we have now? What do we have now? Gangster rappers, you know, Beyoncé. The most famous, you know, doing these videos that show these kinds of things to young, 9, 10, 11-year-old girls? I mean — and it’s celebrated. It’s celebrated. You know, that’s the big change,” reports BET. The host brought up the singer during a conversation he was having with his guest on the events happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

Clearly seeing the superstar’s VMA performance brought up old wounds for the host, who has attacked Beyoncé in the past. Earlier this year O’Reilly got in a heated debate with Russell Simmons where he attacked the star’s music video for “Partition.” O’Reilly took issue with the nature of the lyrics of the song, where he stated the video “glorifies having sex in the back of a limousine” especially at a time where "teenage girls look up to Beyoncé, particularly girls of color,” as previously reported by The Celebrity Café.

O’Reilly has made Beyoncé the target of many of his rants regarding issues around African Americans and America’s youth.

Photo Credit: Roger Wong/INFGoff.com



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