Bills coach Doug Marrone fed up with team fighting

By Michelle Kapusta,

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone is fed up with the team’s on-field scuffles and on Thursday he let the players know about it.

According to ESPN, Marrone blew up on the team for the constant shoving matches and physical altercations he has witnessed during the Bills’ practices. The second-year coach yelled several profanities at his players.

"You're going to get fined by the (expletive) league," he hollered. "Get your (expletive) right."

Things got even more heated when linebacker Jerry Hughes talked back to the coach.

"Do you want to play on this team?" Marrone yelled while motioning towards the locker room. "If you've got a problem with me, you need to come and tell me."

Syracuse.com noted that the head coach called the fighting detrimental to the team and he expects them to act professional.

These type of spats happen at training camps all over the country this time of year as players grow more and more anxious to get the regular season started. However, this year they may need to take it down a notch because if the preseason has taught us anything, it’s that the referees are also not putting up with any illegal contact.



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