Bob McDonnell faces marital struggles along with corruption charges

By Anna Rose Meeds,

Bob McDonnell, former republican governor of Virginia, was accused of accepting over $175,000 in gifts and loans from businessman Jonnie Williams. Problems in his marriage to Maureen McDonnell escalated this July before their trial started.

According to The Wall Street Journal, McDonnell suspected that his wife had an emotional but not physical relationship with Williams. Because of this shocking discovery, he stated, “I just didn’t have the emotional ability to go home and revisit things everyday with Maureen.”

Hiding years of frustration in their 40-year marriage had finally proved too much for the couple. On August 23, the second day of McDonnell’s trial, he told the journey of his deep sorrow, as reported by Politico: “Maybe this was the end of my marriage. Maybe we were done.”

Both McDonnell’s face 14 charges such as conspiracy and bribery. Although McDonnell admitted to accepting aid from Williams, he denied criminal activity. His argument to the defense was “I had no idea [Williams] would come into federal court and make false statements about me,” according to ABC.

The former governor is now staying with his pastor, away from his wife. No talk of a divorce or reuniting has been heard.

Credit: Image via Facebook from Governor of Virginia



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