Body of tanker involved in stabbing found on Delaware coast

By Melissa Barclay,

The body of the man who jumped overboard after a stabbing incident at sea was located by the Coast Guard Friday evening.

One man was left dead and another injured after the stabbing incident which occurred on a tanker off the coast of Bethany Beach. All three men are foreign nationals serving on the Genco Challenger, which is a Hong Kong based vessel, reported USA Today.

The two men were airlifted after the Coast Guard responded to the stabbing early Friday. One man was pronounced dead at the hospital and another was in critical condition.

According to the Associated Press, the violence took place late Thursday.

The crew member responsible for the stabbing reportedly jumped aboard after the incident. The search for his body began Friday, but was stopped in the afternoon and continued after reports of someone seeing something floating in the river. His body was found less than a mile from the ship.

"It could have been so many different things that led to him remaining close to the vessel. He could have been stuck under the boat before resurfacing. I can't possibly speculate," spokesman Nick Ameen said.

The circumstances behind the stabbing were being investigated by Hong Kong and the U.S. State Department. The incident is also being investigated by the Coast Guard who is working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection as well as with the State Department.



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