Brian Hoyer remains the starting quarterback for Cleveland not Johnny Manziel

By Ricky Yandoli,

As of right now, Brian Hoyer looks to be the starting quarterback instead of Johnny Manziel in the beginning of the pre-season.

According to ESPN, coach of the Browns Mike Pettine attributes the decision of making Hoyer the starter due to a specific ability he has. Pettine says in the present time, Hoyer does a better job than Manziel of throwing to a guy before he breaks open.

"Where Hoyer is ahead is his ability to throw a ball before a guy breaks open," Pettine stated. "But we certainly see Johnny making strides in that direction."

Hoyer is prepared either way. All he wants to do is play well when his number is called to produce for the Browns. However, his mind set is one of a starting quarterback.

"I feel like I'm the starter until someone tells me otherwise," Hoyer said, reports CBS Sports.

Comparing both quarterbacks thus far in training camp, Hoyer has the edge over Manziel. He has done things in camp better than Manziel not only throwing wise, but also being faster on the field.

This is why Hoyer is on the verge of becoming the starting quarterback instead of Johnny Football. The first pre-season contest Cleveland will participate in is against the Detroit Lions.



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