Brittany Murphy's Lifetime biopic 'The Brittany Murphy Story' gets air date

By Gina DiFalco,

Brittany Murphy is getting the Lifetime biopic treatment following her 2009 death. The Brittany Murphy Story has been scheduled to air on Sept. 6, starring Last Man Standing star Amanda Fuller.

Sherilyn Fenn will co-star as Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy, and the film will document the 8 Mile star’s childhood years, to when she first started her acting career and up to her death.

The film will also touch on the period after her death during which Murphy’s father claimed she had been poisoned to death, instead of dying from pneumonia like the coroner had stated.

The Hollywood Reporter reports this is the first scripted project about Murphy’s death since she passed away almost five years ago. Sharon has confirmed she was not involved in the project. The network has not revealed their sources for the script.

Five months after her death at age 32, her husband, Simon Monjack died of the same causes; pneumonia and anemia, leading Murphy’s father to claim they were murdered by way of poisoning.

image via Revolutionpix/INFphoto.com



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