Burning Man event reopened after rain delay

By Mila Whiteley,

Burning Man, a counterculture movement that takes place in the Nevada desert, has been reopened after unexpected rain delay.

Burning Man normally takes place in the week leading up to Labor Day, according to the Burning Man website. During this week, people come from all over the country to Black Rock desert in order to create a make-shift community that allows participants to explore their own abilities and the world through art.

This year, however, Burning Man was delayed due heavy rain which turned the Burning Man site into a treacherous quagmire. Although only about a tenth of an inch of rain poured down on the site, it was enough to make the ground dangerous for cars and close the festival until Tuesday, reports the Daily Mail.

Still, according to Burning Man’s Twitter page, the grounds and paths leading to them opened at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning, which was earlier than was originally predicted and allowed the event to finally get underway.

Last year, 68,000 people attended Burning Man.



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